Perch and Omega-3

Some details and comparisons

Perch and Omega-3

In 1998 the CSIRO conducted a study on the beneficial oils that are found in Australian fish.

When compared with around 200 other seafoods, (A term which includes farmed fish.) Queensland Silver Perch come in a very good third. Later, Queensland Jade Perch were tested and found to contain extraordinary high levels of omega-3, making Queensland Jade Perch  clearly number one of all the seafoods tested.

Queensland Jade Perch contained an incredible 2483 mg/100gm of omega-3 oils in the flesh
The Sawfish, 1,667 milligrams of the good oil to every 100 grams
The Atlantic Salmon. This fish has 842 milligrams per 100 grams
Silver Perch has 792 milligrams per 100 grams of the "good oil. Yes that is very high indeed

Lets compare this with a few of our competitive products.

These are figures from the CSIRO study that will show just how well Queensland Silver Perch and Queensland Jade Perch compare. What about the good old Rainbow Trout, been farmed for a long time, but only 448 mg/100g, a big drop from our Perch. The Brown Trout has even less at only 415mg/100g. There’s been a lot of interest in our slippery friends the Eels, not much of this omega-3 compared to Perch, 313mg/100g.

  • Barramundi grown in freshwater have 206mg/100g, and Barra grown in seawater have 150mg/100g.
  • The body cavity of Queensland Silver Perch and Queensland Jade Perch contain a large mass of fat this fat is also rich in omega-3.
  • Omega-3 levels are greatly affected by the fed fish are given.