Aquatic Plants

Aquatic Plants

Banana Lillie

This is a particularly easy plant to grow. It looks great and grows fast. The plants in these pictures are only 10 days from planting in the aquarium. When you purchase the plant it will have little or no foliage.  Once the plant has been placed in the aquarium sand it will begin to produce beautiful Lillie pads in a cluster, as seen in these pictures.

Note in the pictures how to correctly plant banana lilies. The so called “bunch of bananas” should be only partially buried in the sand leaving most of the “bunch” exposed.

Eventually the plant will begin to send long stems to the surface where new surface leaves will form. Removing these stems will extend the life of the foliage at the base of the plant.

The plant gets its name from the unusual formation which forms the base of a new plant.

This formation looks a little like the roots of a mangrove tree, or a bunch of bananas. The picture on the right shows this formation.

The parent plant produces this formation under the mature Lillie pads which float at the surface. The stems of the mature pad rot away then the pad with the new plant attached drifts off to find a new home.

Marble Queen Sword

Pond grown, strong healthy plants. Ideal for garden ponds and large aquariums with good lighting.

Named, “Marble queen” because of the beautiful variegated foliage. As you can see from this picture, not all leaves display this feature.

Provided the roots are moist, the Marble Queen will survive well out of water. The foliage is just as happy under water as it is above the surface. Plants will develop leaves which extend well above the water surface.

Wisteria - Pond Grown

Suitable for aquariums or ornamental ponds. This plant will grow fully submerged or around the fringe of ponds. Provided the roots are damp it will be happy. The foliage of the submerged plant is fern like, as seen in these pictures.